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"I had headshots taken for my team of 20+ by michael recently, as a business owner, perception of our brand is everything.  The team at Socal headshots did not disappoint and delivered our images incredibly fast.  Their work is modern, clean and has contributed to  creating a consistent look for our brand."

-Dan  Lockhart

los angeles headshot photographer

We are Los Angeles Headshot Photographers specializing in business / corporate headshots, actor and actress headshots, and modeling portfolios.  We are located just north of Los Angeles in Santa Clarita, California.  Our goal is to provide modern and sleek looking headshots that will stand the test of time and work well in all social media outlets, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+.  

Los Angeles Corporate Headshots

We specialize in providing our clients with modern corporate headshots in our Los Angeles studio.  Corporate headshots help to convey overall brand image and identity, and provide consumer confidence when interacting with potential clients.  We photograph corporate headshots against a variety of backdrops, including location based sessions.

Los Angeles Actor Headshots

It's important in The City of Angels to stand out, which is why we recommend updated headshots for actors and actresses every year.  In order to convey your image to potential casting directors, we help to provide you with quality wardrobe advice, and a variety of  different looks to help you get that part.

Los Angeles Lawyer/Attorney Headshots

Headshots for your firm are very important, and a consistent image for your brand will help to convey uniformity to your team of associates.  In addition, attorneys with approachable headshots are more likely to be contacted to take potential cases than firms without a face to the names.

Los Angeles Real Estate Headshots

We photograph real estate headshots in a variety of  settings.  It is extremely important as a realtor that you are using an up to date, modern headshot.  If your headshot looks like it was taken in the 1980's, you are not going to connect with the millenial, which makes up a large percentage of today's home buyers.  We specialize in realtor headshots and can provide location based services for your entire agency.

Los Angeles Physician Headshots

If you are a physician or surgeon it is easy to get lost in the fray of the many different options people have.  We specialize in creating an approachable headshot that will convey the proper brand image for your practice.  Our clients have reported increased satisfaction from their patients after incorporating a new headshot into their e-mail and communication signatures.