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Headshot photography is a necessary endeavor, especially in this currently fast-paced, highly competitive, online society of ours. A good, clean, professional headshot is often the first impression a potential client has of you, your brand, and your services. It is a marketing tool, engineered specifically to highlight your best qualities while broadcasting a sincere message of, "You can trust me."

The SoCal Headshots team, located in Northern Los Angeles, has extensive experience working with seasoned and upcoming professionals in need of photographs for showcasing on their websites and future marketing materials. Through the utilization of professional lighting, a variety of background choices, alongside effective cropping and artistic filtering, lawyers, doctors, and social media influencers alike will be impressed by how approachable and trustworthy they appear to prospective clients.

Our Credentials

Our brand was created out of the necessity that our online world has created for professionals to be approachable and relatable from the moment people have connection with your brand.

Our team of talented artists are incredible at making you look and feel good. Our examples exhibit an attention to detail and creative simplicity that truly captures our client's personality without the overuse of cheesy props and ostentatious edits. With our help, your business and services will feel more personable and trustworthy than your competitors'.

But let's face it, you are a busy professional, we know that you want good work that is also efficient, which is why you will choose your images with us right on the spot and have delivery within 24 hours. We will even crop your images to different sizes for you to use in a variety of places.

Our Philosophy

SoCal Headshots believes that the photographs our clients display on their websites and promotional material should contemporarily highlight the aspects of their personalities that cannot be shown through a mere block of text. Headshots can change the overall feel of a website, from corporate to approachable, within a split second. We believe that the way you present yourself through photographs and creative imagery is an effective branding strategy, ensuring you reach a larger audience than previously imagined.

Our goal is to ensure that you look your best and your business feels like the best.

Contact our client coordinator today to schedule a video conference and receive an initial quote. Have questions? Contact us today!

Our Team

Our team of Los Angeles Headshot Photographers are specially trained in the art of headshot photography. Our goal is to make sure that you look good and that your images look consistent. If you are thinking about getting headshots for yourself or your team, please get in touch with us today so that we can help put together an image strategy for you.

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