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Top Reasons I Got a Professional Headshot As A Doctor

We can't say it better than from the Doctor's own words....

"For many of us in the medical profession, despite modern advances, dragging us kicking and screaming into the 21st century is a task for the younger crowd. While I was hip to all of the medical advances, they could send down the pipe, as a doctor of quite a few years, I resisted getting a professional headshot until the last minute. Who needed Los Angeles doctor headshots, I often asked myself and chided my colleagues when they gave in and went happily off to get their pictures taken. That was never going to be me, I swore, and then the day came when I realized, if I wanted to look professional it was a must.

It all started when I decided I had been in the hospital for too many years to count, and decided I wanted my own medical practice. Setting up the practice was tough, but easy compared to getting new patients. Of course, I had patients that were used to seeing my craggy face, winsome smile, and loved my bedside manner, but the old photo I had my mom snap the day I graduated from medical school just didn’t look right alongside some of my more esteemed colleagues.

That is when I realized that when put beside a doctor who had a portfolio of professionally done Los Angeles doctor headshots, my full-on snapshot of me on the golf course just wasn't going to get it, so to speak. That's when I talked to my wife, who had been telling me all along, Bruce, you need to get those pictures done; and had my own professional headshot taken, and a few more for good measure.

It wasn't long before I had a professional photo out there on that website, they insisted I start and was seeing patients in my own practice like I had always wanted."

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