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Santa Clarita Blogger Headshots: Why You Need One

Bloggers have a big job: they provide useful or entertaining information to hundreds, thousands or even millions of readers. For a blog to be effective, a blogger must gain the trust of anyone who visits their site; having a professional Santa Clarita blogger headshot can help that happen. How?

Showing You're "Real"

When someone is given a lot of information in a blog, they become curious about the person behind the posts. Clicking over to an "about me" page only to find a wall of text can be off-putting. When there's a picture of the blogger, a site visitor can see that they're a real person. Even though they know someone writes the post, being able to see the person can make them more comfortable.

A great photo is especially important if the blogger hopes to connect with their readers on a personal level. For instance, being a mom over the age of 40 and having photo proof may very well endear the blogger to other moms; they can see themselves in the blogger and that wouldn't happen without a clear headshot.

Establishing Yourself as an Authority

With a professional headshot, a blogger can be deliberate about their brand and convey the attributes that encourage people to trust them and the information they're giving out. If a blogger wants to be seen as a business expert, having a professional, high-quality photograph to show others can be more effective than a picture shot in the blogger's bedroom, for instance. Having a photo which shows the blogger as a well-dressed, put together personality can make people more likely to trust what they see on the site. For a blogger who sells professional services or products, a good headshot can be what prompts people to buy.

If you have a blog, a headshot is important. With a professional blogger headshot, you'll be able to ease readers' concerns about you, your blog and your products. Contact a local photographer who can capture your best side so you can impress every site visitor.

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